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Spice Up Your Life with Encore Woodland! At Encore Woodland, we take great pride in offering an exceptional variety of easy-to-use hot sauces, marinades and seasoning mixes that delivers bold flavours every time.

Produced with only the highest quality ingredients and processed at the peak of freshness, our delicious sauces, marinades and seasoning mixes are great cooking aids for the oven and on the barbecue grill. Your favourite cuts of meat and baked potatoes will never taste the same again!

For hot and spicy lovers, without question, our hot sauces provide the punch and intensity you seek for all of your favourite dishes, including pasta, soups and dips.

We share a passion for the great taste and quality of Encore Woodland products and we hope you do too. As always, we welcome your feedback, meal ideas and stories. We are committed to constantly improving and expanding our product range so that you may enjoy only the best from Encore Woodland.